What are people saying about Joni Lambert in her Streisand Tribute Show?

“Like buttah!”

“Amazing! Babs down to a tee!”

“Fabulous performance! The artist’s appearance, mannerisms, speech, and voice made us feel that Barbra Streisand herself was in the room.”

“A great hit and nothing but praise all around!”

I was totally impressed with the amazing vocal ability of this performer combined with the spot on mannerisms and look of the real Streisand.”

“Joni Lambert channels Barbra Streisand.”

“Spitting image of Babs! She was gracious and flexible. Laughs and smiles all around.”

“Simply Fabulous! Joni was a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”

“Amazing performer and singer!”

“A long time Barbra fan, I could not have enjoyed the performance more. She has the right look, sound and speech pattern. I enjoyed her banter as much as the songs! From the first notes of her first song – to her sipping a cup of tea in between songs, she was spot on. I woke up the next morning and happily announced to my family that I met Barbra Streisand the day before.”

“I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Joni perform her Barbra Streisand show and she is exactly as advertised. Professional and first class all the way. If you are a looking for a Barbra Impersonator – look no further. She will deliver exactly what you are looking for!”

“Our guests as well as ourselves were wowed at your performance and rendition of Barbra. From your fabulous voice, mannerisms, all the way to the costumes, you mesmerized our guests. Some even thought you were the real deal!”

“People loved you and at first many assumed you were lip synching, but realized in fact it was your own voice.”